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About Our Pastors

 Pastor Joshua Russell 

Pastor Joshua Russell is the visionary and co-founder of The School of The Joshua Ministries established in 2016. He is Co-Senior Pastor, alongside his wife, Pastor Ashley, who are both Apostolic Ministers who seek to advance the kingdom of God in all nations.

Pastor Joshua is the fifth child of seven raised in a military family. He currently resides in Ashburn, Virginia with a family of his own. In 2013, he obtained favor from the Lord and married his beautiful wife.. To this union they have two children, their daughter, Jeanette, and their Son Josiah..

In 1999, while attending City of Refuge Christian Church in Honolulu, Hawaii, Joshua heard the call of God on his life as a teenager. Although he strayed from that truth, he later gave his life in total dedication to following Jesus Christ in 2003 while in Merced, California. A few years following, he accepted his call in the five-fold ministry gifts in 2007 while in Virginia.

In 2012, Joshua was commissioned into a new role of ministry by being called as a missionary to go to South and East Africa. Beginning in 2015, he has advanced in that role and has been sent by the Lord to travel, train, and bring teams to demonstrate Gods love through “signs and wonders that follow those who believe” according to Mark 16:17-18, in the Caribbean islands. He serves to be a missionary role model to develop missionaries of all ages, communities, and ethnicities.

He continues that mission, as well as, training and equipping others in the work of ministry, helping those to discover their purpose, ministry, and building the body of believers into “a city upon a hill”. He is also dedicated to discipleship and mentorship to assure an agape-sonship relationship with the Father.

Pastor Ashley Russell

Pastor Ashley Russell is the Co-Senior Pastor, alongside her husband Pastor Joshua Russell, and Second Overseer and Visionary of the ministry.

Ashley L. Russell was ordained as a pastor and prophetess. She is also a missionary that carries an apostolic calling to her generation. She has served in the Caribbean island, and currently oversees the development of the missionary school here at TSOTJM alongside her husband.

Her teaching style has been one of revelatory and humorous personality that brings experience of the word to a relatable message. Along with being the wife of Pastor Joshua Russell, she is also a proud mother of two adorable children.

She graduated from Loudoun County Public School in Leesburg, Virginia and projected to graduate from ECPI as a Certified Surgical Technician in the year 2020.

 Pastor Patricia Russell 

Pastor Patricia L Russell was born in Goldsboro, North Carolina. In 1960, she moved to New York City with her parents at the age of six. Unfortunately, at the age of seventeen, her parents moved back to Goldsboro, North Carolina due to the tragic death of her brother.

She met a young man in Goldsboro NC that later became her husband. They were married right out of high school, and her husband joined the military. They were united in 1973, which is the same year she accepted Jesus Christ and filled with the Holy Ghost at the same time. R.W. Shambach was her Pastor in New York City. Pastor Patricia Russell accepted Jesus Christ in 1973 at the age of eighteen in Brooklyn, New York where she and her husband were stationed.

Pastor Patricia Russell‘s husband went on assignment for four years in Hawaii in 1987. She served as a counselor and choir member under the leadership of her Pastor Dr. Wayne E Anderson.

While her husband and Pastor Patricia Russell were stationed in Berlin, Germany, she received her call to ministry in 1984 and was ordained as an Evangelist. She has always served in leadership positions at various ministries during her husband's military assignments since 1985. Minister Patricia Russell was ordained on June 29, 2007 under the ministry of Dr. Bishop Eugene V. Reeves, New Life Anointed Ministries, Int. in Woodbridge, VA, where she currently serves as a Counselor, Teacher, Evangelist, and a member of the choir.

She has been married for 46 years. Pastor Patricia Russell retired in May of 2015 from her career as a Clinical Nurse. She has two main passions. Her primary passion is to see hurting woman set free and to recognize who they are in Christ. Her second passion is to see the youth develop into men and women of God, and to become Godly examples for their generation. Pastor Patricia Russell is a mother of seven children, Kareem Russell; L`atricia Anderson; Ronnie Russell Jr.; Clifford Russell; Joshua Russell; Nathaniel Russell; and Antionette Russell. She is also the proud grandmother of twelve grandchildren.

Pastor Patricia Russell has also supported her husband’s passion, the Prison Ministries since 1974. She is excited about her upcoming biography book project, which she will be completing soon. Finally, as her spiritual journey continued, Pastor Patricia Russell was called by God, and ordained to serve in 2017 under the leadership of Pastor Joshua T. Russell at the School of the Joshua Ministries.

Pastor Rance Morton

Rance Morton is an associate pastor of The School of the Joshua Ministries. He believed at an early age that he was called to something more by God in his life, and because of his faith in God, was baptized at the age of 12. He was told numerous times as a child, teen, and even young adult that God “had a calling on his life” by various people of God, church leaders, and even traveling evangelists (multiple occasions). While he did not fully know what the call on his life was or meant, and though he struggled with the truth throughout his teen years, leadership was always a part of his life.

After high school, he went on to serve in the U.S. military. When he returned home as a young adult in 2001, he re-focused on his faith and service to the Lord, and he and his sister began a youth-based community outreach/mentorship organization working with his church called A.O.I. (Age of Innocence).

In continuing his walk with the Lord, Pastor Rance later accepted God’s call of service to the international mission field to share the love of God with the people of God. This led to Pastor Rance being called, chosen, and sent by God on more than one occasion on international mission trips over the years. In December 2016, Pastor Rance was ordained by God as an Evangelist, Pastor, and Teacher. Pastor Rance continues serving God and His people with his life and leadership and does the work of ministry (…always abounding in the work of the Lord; 

1 Corinthians 15:58) by being progressively trained by God (Philippians 3:12-14).

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