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Mission Trips

The call to such a task is a faith walk, from trusting God about the place you're being sent to, The finances that need to be raised to be able to make the vision happen, and even meeting people you’ve never previously established a relationship with. The Lord can reveal the assignment in a dream or a vision according to scripture in Acts 16:9. He is faithful to give you what you need and His presence in every mission.

2018 has been a calling to our city, region and our country!. So we are currently spreading this goodness of the Love of God by state-to-state missions.

keep reading to find out about how the trips start. From a dream to making those dreams a reality.

*Note: Viewing the images on a phone or other small hand-held device may make change the quality of the images. Please attempt to click on the individual image for better quality. 

Called to the Nations.. 

If you read my story, the Lord called me in the mission fields in 2008 but I was commissioned in 2012. The Lord called my wife and I to take missions teams through hands-on discipleship training in 2015 and to go all over the world to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. We are so grateful for the call and co-labor with the Spirit of Christ.

- Pastor Joshua Russell

Aruba '15

The Call to the Caribbean island was one of the few visions I received from the Lord while back in ministry training, but it didn’t become clear until one night in 2015. I had a dream that I was in an airplane that was very turbulent. All of a sudden, I appeared in a church and saw a man preach on "discipleship". I immediately appeared on green lush grass and I could tell by the beautiful beach water that I was on an island. The clouds in the sky had beautiful colors! They were a mixture of the colors of pink and purple and everything in between. Then, I awoke to hear the Lord say "That place is Aruba and that’s where I want you to go". We left that summer by faith! With the help of financial contributions of close friends and family we were able to make that trip happen. We didn’t know anyone there, but that didn't stop us. We booked all of the arrangements and arrived in August of 2015. 

Our main form of transportation: walking.

Barbados​ '16 & '17

A few months after the return of our trip to Aruba, I had a dream where I was in a long line of people and we were getting assignments. Almost Immediately, I was in the front of the line and i see printed on a paper that was handed to me that said:

"Spring Barbados"

After awakening and much prayer and patience, The actual instructions for the Barbados mission trip did not come to me until the spring. We have been blessed to go to Barbados for two years in a row (2016-2017). The following summer, our team left by faith again to preach the gospel!

Barbados '1​6.

Speaking to the Mission team in Barbados and sharing some of our experiences before they set off to the place where God is calling them to go.

Missions Coming Soon

Central America



Asian & Pacific Islands



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